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Pranešimas Ramūnas Blavaščiūnas    2008 6 20 13:19      

Press release 05/08/gb Mogliano Veneto, June 4th 2008


Diary of images, coming upon magic moments
The 4th edition of the European photo contest promoted by EBT is ready to start! The contest aims at selecting 13 images which will make up EBT 2009 calendar.

The EBT (Ente Bilaterale del Turismo – the Bilateral Tourism Board) for the Venice area operates in hospitality management and training and supports the development and the expansion of the culture of tourism. Since 1999 EBT has been publishing a limited number of table calendars that have now become a classic. While the previous editions were a tribute to the work of esteemed photographers like Fulvio Roiter and Francesco Barasciutti, the latest ones have focused on the work of photo-amateurs. The images are selected through a contest, which last year has been launched at European level.
The current theme is “Diary of images, coming upon magic moments”.
At a time when nothing is longer surprising us, this theme represents a challenge in line with EBT
philosophy: relearning how to be amazed. Looking in bewilderment is the only way to come upon magic moments: an encounter, an event, a situation.
It is a diary of images conveying the real sense of beauty, the wonder of recognizing beauty in human beings, nature and culture all around, at home as well as on holiday. The truth of people, places, animals and things lies in the eye of a marveled and open soul. An amazement that rises from a mental and sentimental insight.
The contest is open to all adults residing in the European Union.
1st prize: a three-night stay at Monaco and Grand Canal Hotel in Venice
2nd prize: a two-night stay at Monaco and Grand Canal Hotel in Venice
3rd prize: 400,00 €
Contest regulation and entry form are available on
Deadline for the submission of photographs 12th October 2008
Meeting of the jury within 20th October 2008
Notification of results to authors within 15th November 2008
Award Ceremony 16th December 2008
For further information mail to:

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