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Viešos žinutės ir komentarai autoriui

Dangus   2007-06-27
___   2007-07-24
Hi, what's your photography gear?
Sundew   2007-08-08
Sundew   2007-08-08
I use olympus e- 300
valiooo   2007-08-30
Simas Mockevičius   2007-09-30
one more with olympus ;)
___   2007-10-30
clapclapclap, one of the most existing photography in for me. ;]
Sundew   2007-11-13
olympus is the best :)
Simas Mockevičius   2007-11-19
yep! oly is da best. you have a lot of amazing photos, I like most of them.
Herkus   2007-11-21
Hello, I am photographer from Vilnius. I like your works very much. Now I am working as a photojournalist, but still want to do something "for my soul" ;) IAnd I want to ask about "know how" of your last work "....". Is it possible to get some virtual lessons ? Thanks a lot in advance;)
Herkus   2007-11-21
P.S my email
Sundew   2007-11-22
life is the best lesson for all of us, i cant learn you my way of are just miracles of my life, i cant teach them to anybody....just live your life and feel it through camera...
Herkus   2007-11-23
I know what I want to say in my works...and how...I just needed some technical say 'NO" is your right and I value it as I value Your works... good luck...
___   2007-11-27
:-) great job!!!
Sundew   2007-12-03
Gintilė Daugėlaitė   2007-12-19
Your photos is very beautiful. I like it.
your pfotos are very impressive and womenly..! a little heavenly and a little devilish... (sorry for my poor english, but I hope you understood my mind)... :)
Laura Židonytė   2008-02-09
These photos are wonderful.I can't find words how to say how i love's..brilliant...
Ernesta Vala   2008-02-15
I like your special style ;)
Marija Strazdaite   2008-03-15
labai patiko visos jusu nuotraukos;)
Marija Strazdaite   2008-03-29
sorry.i didn't see that you latvian.i like your all photos;)
___   2008-03-30
Very beautiful:>
Little Miss Sunshine   2008-05-06
Fantastic gallery! And your little model girl is very cute and looks great in photos! Looking foward to seeing your new works ;)
Gerda!   2008-08-11
Really nice gallery, good luck!
z e g n a   2008-08-15
good day sundew;D i just red a book with your picture on the top:)
Miglė R.   2008-12-10
Very beautiful works. :]
Olga Vaikas   2008-12-26
it's so quite here :)
Lina Gimbutaite   2009-02-01
Fantastic pictures! Great works! Amazing expressions, colors, ideas... just amazing! Great inspiration for me and everybody else! Thank you for sharing it!
seklys morka   2009-02-11
fantastic pics. i'm amazed!!!
Vidmantas Misevičius   2009-03-11
velētos iemācīties no JUms fočēt
Renazas   2009-08-24
Amazing works! Thanks for sharing!


Bendrai apie mane: I am photographer from Latvia! my official web site is , I just like Lithuania and people here!

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  apie Pritjazhenije   2009 08 19 15:07
nu ko es Tev teicu, ka Tu labi bildee :)
  apie Vandeny   2009 08 12 15:16
labi :)
  apie obuolių vagilė   2009 08 12 15:07
bravisimo :)
  apie Juoda vidury vieškelio   2009 08 12 15:05
positive :)
  apie Alice   2009 08 12 15:02
nice nice as always :)