Armands Zāle

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Linas Šinkūnas   2007-07-13
latvietis, miests: Riga - so why estonian flag ?!

Armands Zāle


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  apie Тем, кто верит в сказки   2010 01 07 19:46
As far as telling bedtime stories to children is concerned, everything's fine. But I recall the author claiming that the quality of his work was due to using high-quality lenses, in a discussion concerning proper automated downsizing of photographs when uploading one's picture... Too much of heavy postprocessing work here to take the above assertion for granted.
  apie deimantai mylimajai   2009 07 23 16:33
A beachful of bokeh.
  apie Sekmadienis Kaliningrade   2008 03 25 18:34
The one with the seller is excellent but the bear does not fit in at all.
  apie painiais Rygos kiemais   2008 02 12 20:07
Dear tourist! :) I find this interesting enough.
With love, from Riga.
  apie X   2008 02 12 20:05
An absobloodilutely nostalgic picture! Just think of it ... cold and snowy winters as a rare thing nowadays for the entire Baltic States. Don't we all miss a good old-fashioned winter badly?