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Voverė   2009-03-17
the last one is amazing..
Valentinas Pečininas   2009-03-18
Thanks for estimation, good luck in the creative work,colleague.
Mindaugas SNARSKIS   2010-01-06
Happy NYE! ;)
taj   2009-01-24
Hi Vic, nice to see in fotokudra. I know you have great to pix to post, so I will look forward to seeing more work of you! Good luck!
Olga Vaikas   2009-04-19
nice works!
Ramune M.S.   2009-03-06
wellcome in fotokudra
___   2009-03-15
thanks for visit!
M   2009-03-15
Tanks for comments ;)
Rolandas Butkevičius   2009-03-17
Where are you living, Victoria? Beautiful Photos ..
Gintilė Daugėlaitė   2009-04-18
Very very good photos.I like it.:)
Lina Gimbutaite   2009-04-19
Hi! Thank you for nice comments! Great pictures in Your galery! Waitting for more...! :)
as   2009-04-19
nice works... something interesting, not like always.. I like :)
Olga Vaikas   2009-04-24
Evaldas Činga   2009-05-01
Nice gallery :)
birute kurtinaitiene   2009-04-30
Hi, Victoria, thank you visited my cards and the best wishers to you...
skruzdėlytė   2009-05-12
Hi, Vic, thank u for beautiful photos, I like them very much, interesting. Thank you for comments. Good luck & take care :)
j   2009-05-16
Very nice galery :))
___   2009-05-23
thanks thanks thanks!
vkatinas   2009-05-27
Thanks for your comment ;) p.s. Your pics are very nice...
arkanoidas    2009-05-27
Thank you for your comments .You have a lot of nice photos .
Little Miss Sunshine   2009-06-05
Impressive places u have visited ;) Good shots!
Ieva Austinskaitė   2009-06-14
Wonderful places and wonderful shots :]
Julka   2009-06-18
Laba diena :) pausiu balta varna kalbesiu savo kalba :D geri darbeliai! cya
Dange Girdvainyte   2009-06-18
Beautiful pictures Vic;)
Mindaugas SNARSKIS   2009-06-22
You have beautiful photos of your gallery, like this is what you're doing. I wish you continued success! ;)
Gerr   2009-07-21
Your shoots are great , keep going and dont stop :))) its nice, that you like Lithuania and her photographers.
Rasa Makaraitytė   2009-07-22
Oh, GOD.. Everybody says, that your shots are wonderful :) I disagree. Your photos are AMAZING. :) Happy birhtday and good luck :)
Olga Vaikas   2009-05-09
thank You, vic! :)
Asta Mažutytė   2009-09-29
Great photos, with lots of passion and emotion. Enjoyed looking through them.
Laimingų Naujųjų metų!:)
Genadijus Kozlovskis   2010-01-03
nice pics... good job)


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  apie po suolio   2010 07 15 13:59
nice one Tadas
  apie last call   2009 12 13 13:31
peaceful isn't it? I like the lights and reflection, as well as the title.
  apie kupranugariu varovas   2009 11 28 06:21
always like the Sahara... beautiful shot you have got there.
  apie sraigiu pardavejas   2009 11 16 20:32
2/o taip! padaro tokia sriuba is ju
  apie Rudeninė šalna   2009 10 18 15:14
excellent details with fantastic colour! Love it!