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Viešos žinutės ir komentarai autoriui

SW   2007-12-17
Hi, nice to see people from other countries :)
R.   2007-12-19
Welcome to Lithuania, Welcome to Lithuania, Welcome to Lithuania The land of the beautiful ladies :))))))))))))))
E.Freddi   2007-12-19
Thank you! :-)))))
Pijus Vyčas   2007-12-30
Daiva Kalinauskaitė   2008-01-07
wonderfull jobs, I admire them
Emilija   2008-01-18
Thank you, E. Freddi!!! I got your photo today! It's as great (or even looks better) as I loved it from your profile!! Thank you! It already has the place on the wall, now it needs only the frame. Also - AČIŪ Rūtai už atspausdinimą, tikrai labai maloniai buvau nustebinta :)
___   2008-01-19
Your job is wonderful !
E.Freddi   2008-01-27
Thank you all for your messages!!! Emilija: you are the first who hangs one of my photos on the wall. I'm very happy of it! Thanks :-)
Knieža   2008-01-30
kviečiu į balių :)
___   2008-02-05
Strange, but many your works are estimated below, than they of it are worthy, it is a pity, that on frequent do not notice the present photos (this my personal opinion)
E.Freddi   2008-02-06
Hi Filip, thank you for your appreciation! Everybody has his own opinion, I respect it. My desire would be to get an explanation from the people that leave bad ratings, without discussion there is no learning.
Avė   2008-02-18
E.Freddi   2008-02-18
Hi! :-)
Gediminas Bieliauskas   2008-03-29
I can't believe that didn't noticed your jobs in fotokudra.lt I started to like B/W photography even more when I saw your photos. Almost every one of them are professionally and nicely done and can be interpreted in many ways.
suuuuuuuuuuper portrait :))))))))))))))
E.Freddi   2008-04-04
Aciu :-) There I look tall and thin... :-)))))))))))))
j.v   2008-04-27
where did you find that nice tall rabbit with black sox in the picture above?:)))
E.Freddi   2008-04-27
Jurga, you should ask my wife........... :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Aurelija.   2008-05-13
I'm waiting and waiting and waiting :) for new pictures... ;)
Dangus   2008-05-23
I'd like to see more profesional works in your kudra portfolio. I think you r hiding them from our eyes. share it.
Aurelija.   2008-06-07
I agree with Dangus :)
E.Freddi   2008-06-10
Aurelija and Dangus, thank you a lot for your appreciation, but so far I have nothing new to show - in the last months I'm almost not taking photos. Sorry to disappoint you :-/
E.Freddi   2009-01-03
Hello Quintas, I thank you for your wishes and your appreciation, although I don't feel to be a master :-) My best wishes for your future!
Olga Vaikas   2009-05-12
hello, E.Freddi, you have got really strong works!!! bravo :)
Olga Vaikas   2009-05-19
also, thank you for your comments&evaluations! :)
Olga Vaikas   2009-05-28
thanks, Freddi, it's nice to hear! ;)
Luce   2009-12-07
Buon compleanno :)
E.Freddi   2009-12-07
Aciu labai! :-)


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  apie Proginis - autošaržas   2011 09 09 23:12
My best wishes :-)
  apie Krepšinis 1   2011 05 21 16:48
Very nice!
  apie apie esminį įvykį Kūdroje   2010 05 23 17:34
Congratulations!!!!! :-)
  apie Proginis   2010 02 16 14:39
Happy birthday (and very nice photos!) :-)
  apie sekmadienis   2010 02 08 22:40
It's really surprising when from banal situations so nice pictures can arrive. They give the feeling of a full immersion life, vhere also the small things count.